Why WindBot?

Faster, prettier, smarter, easier to use,
lower CPU usage... Learn more about WindBot!


WindBot is a high quality automation and enhancement software that works 100% by simulating mouse clicks and keyboard strokes. Its targeting, looting and cavebot systems are the smartest ever seen in a Tibia bot, beating any other bot currently available on the market.

Easy To Use

WindBot is intuitive and very easy to use! Even a first-time-botter will be able to get the bot to run with just a few clicks.

High Exp/h

Because WindBot is smarter you shall get an instant bump on your exp/rate.
Coming from iBot? See Comparison table.

Script Compatibility

iBot to WindBot Converter allows you to use your old iBot scripts. Load, setup and run, simple as that!

Big Profit

Our Looting System reaches 100% of accuracy in most hunting scenarios, making your hunt extremely efficient!

Stunning HUDs

Our HUDs system runs very fast and lets you draw all kinds of things: from simple info texts to awesome radars and loot counters!

Zero CPU Usage

Combining WindBot with Wind Client Addons you will be able to run multiple clients at close to zero CPU usage!*


Below you can check some screenshots sent by our users.
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We are really glad we gave WindBot a try, it is fast, easy and smart. You will get amazed when you see it, it is by far the best bot available on the market right now.

BUgWT (Professional Scripter)

WindBot clearly is the result of dedication and hard work.

Raphael (WindBot Moderator)

I can just say WOW! This bot have everything people might need, beginning at professional software and ending at great support. Definitely everyone should try it.

Garkstal (Former iBot Moderator)

I was an iBot user and I have to say: WindBot is the best, no doubt. It has the most advanced and easy to use functions, which makes it also the safest one.

MrLovely (Old iBot User)

I have been an active bot user since the TibiaBot NG era. I have tried almost every bot that has existed and WindBot has been the easiest to learn, use and master.

thetjer (WindBot Customer)